Theme Camp Challenge

B.E.D. challenges every single Burning Man theme camp to make sexual assault education part of their camp business. We are asking every camp to sit down with your members and discuss the issue and responsibility of sexual exploration at Burning Man. How do you broach this sensitive subject? We have developed a short outline to help you out. It's easy!

Gather your peeps around (or use an email forum) and read the following:

"We want our campmates to be open and to enjoy any and all sex you may have at Burning Man! However, every year there are incidences of sexual assault on the playa and we want our beloved camp mates to be safe! So, even though it's an awkward subject, we would like to briefly talk about sex and what behavior we expect from all of our camp members. To promote this awareness, the Bureau of Erotic Discourse has asked up to endorse the following guidelines for safe sexual adventures:

#1 Always ask before touching, even if you know them! It's polite, it's good manners, it will earn their respect.

#2 Respect your partner's desires and boundaries. How do you find them out? ASK! Again, it's fun and sexy to find out a little about your partner before diving in.

#3 Do not have sex with an intoxicated or stoned person... not only is it technically against the law, but it is potentially very hurtful to that person. And what fun it that??? If you have made a sober pre-agreement with a partner and go get fucked up, thats cool... but do not pick up a drunk, high hottie and take advantage! Be smart, take care of your partner, cover your butt, get sober ... Remember to leave that person better off than they were when you met.

#4 Card your partner... OK, maybe that's exaggerating but please make sure your potential partner is of age. There are some darn hot underage peeps out there, so be aware! Again, we don't want anyone to get hurt.

#5 If you hear or see one of our campmates in trouble, step in and ask if they need help! We would like it if you did this with anyone out there, but we absolutely expect it with our theme camp family. We take care of each other! In addition, consider buddying up when you go out for the evening. Guys watch out for the women, and vice versa! We do not want any of our family members assaulted this year.

#6 If, god forbid, someone does get assaulted or feels threatened in any way, we want you to know right now that we support everyone here! No matter how it went down- tell us. There are amazing services available both at the Ranger Stations, Medical Tents and Emergency Services. We will go with you, we will hold your hand, we will take care of you. If some thing happens-- tell us! The same goes if something happens within our camp or outside of it. Remember, you are not alone!

If you need help with any sexual assault, domestic violence or other threatening situation, know that Burning Man has developed a team of Emergency Services personnel to help victims of violence or abuse. Seek help at any Ranger Station or Medical Station.