Regional Events

In May 2009 B.E.D. went to the Colorado regional burn, Apogaea. Two of our B.E.D. members led a workshop of 15 folks, and we had 6 volunteer B.E.D. ambassadors. Flyers were available at our regional info booth and at "Cuddle camp", and ambassadors wandered with buttons and "pledge badges". Pledge badges were a way to bring our theme camp pledge to a crowd with fewer theme camps and more independent campers. They had the B.E.D. logo on the front, and a list of things pledged to on the back. People taking the pledge signed the back and could wear the badges on a lanyard. 

It was really interesting to converse with people about the pledge. We found that our community is full of thoughtful individuals with good intentions. Most people taking the pledge said that they felt it would help them improve their communication in sexual situations, as no one is perfect and sometimes personal intentions for conduct get a little lost in moments of passion. 

Our workshop was fairly free-form. We had a small crowd, so we focused on addressing the needs of our participants. Some were practiced in sexual communication, others were less so. We discussed the differences of sexual environment in Burner events and real life. We practiced stating desires and boundaries. We identified a need to practice such communication in an already under-way sexual situation, so we did that. We had a great reception and many very positive comments from those who participated in both workshops and with the pledges!