Regional Events

In May 2009 B.E.D. went to the Colorado regional burn, Apogaea. Two of our B.E.D. members led a workshop of 15 folks, and we had 6 volunteer B.E.D. ambassadors. Flyers were available at our regional info booth and at "Cuddle camp", and ambassadors wandered with buttons and "pledge badges". Pledge badges were a way to bring our theme camp pledge to a crowd with fewer theme camps and more independent campers. They had the B.E.D. logo on the front, and a list of things pledged to on the back. People taking the pledge signed the back and could wear the badges on a lanyard. 
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Pleased to meet you.

Howdy all, Ranger Kyrka here,

Just hopping in to create the very first "blawg" here on the new website, and wanted to welcome anyone who might be looking while I tinker with things.

I want this to be a collaborative effort.  I'd like to replace the "People of B.E.D. page" with a link to individual blogs with a headshot/bio that you can plug in yourself, things like that.  Then we can dole out the ability to publish content where it needs to be to keep this a living, breathing resource.

Kyrka Clear