Help Is Here

B.E.D. recommends the following resources: 

BLACK ROCK CITY EMERGENCY SERVICES:  The Emergency Services Department (ESD) personnel are dedicated to helping in times of crisis, on and off the playa.  ESD provides evaluation, crisis intervention and mental health services.  Read more here.  The Mental Health Branch is specially trained in crisis intervention for cases of rape and sexual asault.  MHB can help you find resources in your community after the burn.  You can contact MHB at [email protected]  The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence is a social change organization dedicated to creating a social, political and economic environment where sexual violence no longer exists.   NAESV advocates on behalf of the victims/survivors-- women, children and men-- who have suffered  the serious trama of sexual violence.   is an informational service provided by the Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center.  They have a great website, packed full of  information and resources for rape and sexual assault survivors. The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network is another great internet resource for rape and sexualt assault survivors.  You can also call the National Sexual Assault  Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE and talk to someone 24 hours a day.